Gratitude – A Day With A Way

A Day With A Way

What do you mean?

Part of the mission for our National Day of Thanks is to promote living a grateful way of life all year round.  The Day itself gives us opportunity to demonstrate publicly a Christian way of life we should be living every day.

The Bible has a lot to say about being thankful.  Instruction on prayer is qualified with the words to pray with thanksgiving.  Is it any wonder that scientific research has shown the incredible benefits of being thankful and expressing gratitude?  Scientists can measure the impact on emotions, health, social behaviour, academic performance, and how well individuals deal with life’s difficult circumstances. 

We have added a new category Gratitude to our email blogs.  In these blogs we will address the science of gratitude, present you with gratitude challenges, and share gratitude stories. 

The following illustration graphically demonstrates the benefits of Gratitude. 

In future emails I will present research into Gratitude and provide some challenges you can try for yourself.    

Robert J Burman – Coordinator National Day of Thanks 


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