New 2017 DVD in The Mail

2017 Free Promo DVD is now in the mail.

Our Free Promo DVD for 2017 is in the mail to those who placed early bird orders.

Keeping Up To Date

We need people to tell us what happened in their communities on our National Day of Thanks.  Where it is practical, we try...
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Order Your Free 2017 DVD Today

Order your Free 2017 Promotional DVD Today Our Free 2017 promo DVD is being released at the end of January.  It will contain the Focus for 2017 presented by Colin Buchanan, our new Ambassador for Australia's National Day of Thanks. There are stories of what has happened around our country, plus stories about how saying...
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Merry Christmas and Thank You

Christmas Tree Background Red GoldThe hustle and bustle of Christmas is upon us. We busily prepare for family time of sharing and giving, catching up with friends, time with our children and grandchildren.  We watch their eyes open wide with excitement as they open their gifts and they run to hug...
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