Sir Peter Cosgrove

National Day of Thanks 2017

Australians have so much to be thankful for.  We live in a peaceful, prosperous and law abiding country, we share common values, ideals and aspirations and we are united by a rich diversity that defines and inspires us.

For each of us, the National Day of Thanks is time to give thanks for all we have, for those who make our lives special, and for those who contribute to our communities and nation.

In 2017 we particularly reflect on the contribution made by tradesmen and women, such as plumbers, painters and mechanics, whose skill and expertise is integral to the efficient running of all our lives.

We also acknowledge and thank our unsung heroes, those who do what they do quietly and calmly without seeking adulation.  These everyday people, charity workers, volunteers and the like, whose selfless efforts make a difference to so many, in so many ways-today we make a point of thanking them.

Congratulations to all those involved with the National Day of Thanks and make it a special day.

Thank you.

Sir Peter Cosgrove AK MC (Retd)
Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia

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