Living Thankfully

Do You Have A Thank You Exchange

I’ve borrowed this phrase from a well known author, Gordon McDonald.  He says that we were taught to say please and Thankyou by our parents long before we ever knew the value of those words.

Recently my wife and I visited a friend that we had largely lost touch with.  He has post polio syndrome and is now unable to walk anymore, and also is susceptible to chest infections and pneumonia amongst other things.  We had a great couple of hours reminiscing.   I was also able to take him back to the time when Jesus became very real to him.  His depression was suddenly released and he began to show his old form.  In spite of his disability he had achieved much in his life.

I could go on counting these achievements, but that is not the purpose of this story.  You see he sent a text, not once but twice thanking me for taking the time to go and see him, recounting that his days had taken on much more meaning.

You see, saying Thankyou is an exchange.  Not only was he blessed but so was I.  It was an exchange that lifted the hearts and spirits of both of us.

It reminds me of the one leper who returned to say Thankyou to Jesus after being healed.

Don’t undervalue the expression of Thankyou, it may do much more than you think!

Ps Kenn Kilah


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