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Aussie National Day of Thanks Products

Thanks You Day Cards, Balloons and Ribbons are available from Koorong stores Australia wide from March to the end of May each year.  You can purchase from a Koorong store near you or go to www.koorong.com to place an online order.  Koorong discounts are available from time to time.


You can order from the National Day of Thanks  office by completing the email order form below or by phoning (02) 9939 2113.  There is a minimum order value of $10.00.  Email Orders will be mailed to you with an invoice enclosed.  Payment of the invoice can be made by cheque, money order, or account transfer if you have requested account transfer in your email order.  If you wish to pay by Credit Card, please note that request in your email order then phone the number above and give your card details.  If the phone is unattended when you call, please leave your name,  phone number and a brief message and we will ring you back.

All prices for products ordered from the National Day of Thanks office include Postage and Handling.

Thank You Cards


When ordering these cards please specify which designs you want, otherwise an assortment of available designs will be sent to you.  Apostles & Birds designs 120mm x 173mm, Daisy design 148mm x 105mm.
Cards are sold in packs of 5 of the same design with envelopes
Price: $4.00 per pack.
Bottlebrush postcards 200mm x 90mm sold in packs of 5 – envelopes not included.  Postcards fit standard DL envelopes.
Price: $4.00 per pack

New 3 card design pack – size 172mm x 115mm

Thanksgiving Day Card   Galahs Thanksgiving Day Card   Killcare Thanksgiving Day Card

Price:  $7.00 per pack of 6 cards with envelopes for up to 3 packs then $6.00 per additional pack thereafter.  Must be on the same order. 

Mini Thank You Cards

Mini Thank You Cards   TN-Mini-Card-02    TN-Mini-Card-01

Designed to fit into your wallet or handbag, these business size Thank You cards are ideal to say thank you to your supermarket checkout person, your doctor, dentist, or to just brighten up someone’s day.  No envelopes, no postage required.  See how easy it is to say Thanks.
Price:  $5.00 per pack of 30 cards for up to 3 packs then $4.00 per additional pack thereafter.  Must be on the same order.

Thank You Balloons

    Thank You Balloons

Multi-coloured Thank You balloons in packs of 25.  Ideal for Schools, Children’s Church, or to brighten up any Thanksgiving Day activity.
Price:  $10.00 per pack for up to 3 packs then $9.00 per pack thereafter if on the same order.

Stick-On Thank You Badges

Thank You Sticker

Stick-On Thank You Badges 50mm diameter 20 badges per sheet.  These are excellent identity badges for team members participating in your Thanksgiving Day activity.
Price:  $3.00 for 1 to 4 sheets, $2.50 for 5 to 9 sheets, $2.00 for 10 or more sheets on the same order.

Thank You Ribbons

Thank You Ribbon

Pin on Thank You ribbons available in packs of 50 ribbons.
Price:  Single pack $10.00, 2 packs for $19.00, 3 packs for $27.00, 4 packs for $34.00, additional packs thereafter $6.00 each.


Why not send a Thank You Card to someone special, someone who has made a difference in your life.  You can also purchase Mini Thank You cards and Thank You Ribbons for those you wish to recognise for their special service to you during the year.  What about your favourite supermarket checkout person, postman, doctor, dentist, pastor or friend.

Saying Thank You opens doors nothing else can

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Ken Duncan Premium Cards

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Ken Duncan Min Thank You Cards

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Daisy Mini Thank You Cards

Daisy 5 Card Pack

Birds 5 Card Pack

Bottlebrush 5 Card Pack

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Balloons 25 Pack Assorted Colours

Thank You Ribbons 50 Pack

Bottlebrush Postcards 5 Card Pack

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