You Can Make a Difference Today!

Can you help us spread the word about Australia’s National Day of Thanks?

Each year we send out hundreds of our free promo DVD which gives people ideas and information about the day that they can share with their church pastors, small groups, friends and family.  The DVD explains what the day is all about and how you can be involved.

The time consuming and costly task of filming, editing and producing the master copy of our DVD is done each year on a voluntary basis.  We then duplicate, print, package and mail out the DVDs at a cost of $3.00 per copy.

While we send out hundreds of DVDs each year, we would love to send out hundreds more and see everyone in Australia become aware of our National Day of Thanks and have an opportunity to make a difference in someone else’s life.

We need your help.  A $15 donation will send out 5 free DVDs, $30 will send out 10 and $60 will send out 20.  Can you help us?

It is a wonderful blessing to see the joy that a simple demonstration of Thanks can bring to someone’s life.  You can start changing our Nation today by completing the donation form on this page.

You can donate by Bank Transfer (preferred option) or Credit Card or Cheque.  If you are donating by Bank Transfer you will receive the bank details in our auto reply email.

If you wish to use a Credit Card please ensure you give us your phone number and we will contact you to keep your personal details confidential.

If you are donating by Cheque please make Cheque payable to Australian Prayer Network and mail to National Day of Thanks  PO Box 31  EPPING  NSW  1710


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If you have chosen to use a Credit Card we will contact you to complete your donation and keep your details confidential.

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