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Here is an opportunity to say thanks

From time to time we receive emails from people telling us what they are doing to celebrate our National Day of Thanks.  One such email we received was from the International Justice Mission Australia.  They are a Christian Mission whose objectives are to rescue victims, bring criminals to justice, restore survivors and strengthen justice systems.  The International Justice Mission (IJM) protects the poor from violence in the developing world. 

The IJM have invited everyone to join with them in their Thank You Campaign by signing their On-Line Thank You card.  Here is what Bianca of IJM wrote. 

Here at IJM we are seeking to rescue thousands, protect millions & prove that justice for the poor is possible. Traditionally most of the work occurs in developing countries where our teams are rescuing & restoring victims of slavery and human-trafficking.  However this year is different and it’s because of our government!  This year we have some really interesting things happening within our nation where politicians and the Australian community are making a difference through changing laws to do with Modern Slavery in its various forms.  Because of this we feel that it is important to thank these key people who are working hard to help others who are not only less fortunate, but are also easily preyed upon.  Your National Day of Thanks creates a perfect opportunity to do this. 

You can see the efforts we have already put behind this at our Thank You Campaign page.  We are extremely thankful for the already 1373 people who have committed to thank our politicians.  Our goal is to reach 10,000 and we need others to rally with us in this endeavour.  

The focus we at National Day of Thanks provide each year is a guide.  Here is an excellent example of others you could thank, and it is an opportunity that may not come up again for some time.  We encourage you to go to their website and sign the card.  You can see more about the International Justice Mission at their IJM Website.  

Robert J Burman – Coordinator National Day of Thanks


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