Community Festivals

gosford-festivalOver the years many churches have held Community Festivals to celebrate Australia’s National Day of Thanks.  Some festivals have been organised by an individual church while the majority have seen churches unite to host a Free Family Fun Day in their community.  At these events people from a particular focus group are thanked and awarded certificates of appreciation.  All sorts of activities for children and families have been provided.  Have a look at some of the examples below and hear the comments of those who were involved.

In all these festivals there have been a few important elements that have determined their success.



The first is that they all went out to be a blessing to their communities not looking to something in return.  In Mount Tambourine all 8 of the local churches united and saw 1000 people attend from a community of around 8000 people. They provided free attendance to the community which was a blessing especially to those families who were doing it tough.

They honoured the local heroes of their community and in so doing built a rapport with their city.  Watch the Gosford Story video.

They engaged with the local government and law enforcement.

In Mackay for the past 10 or 12 years about 30 churches have joined together under the Mackay Churches Together banner and in conjunction with the local Regional Council to be a blessing to their community.

mct-meetingWhat is so Hard About Unity?

The most important aspect is when churches come together in Unity not trying to get members or to push their individual church forward.  This is a biblical instruction.  Read the article What is so Hard About Unity.

A major benefit that has come out of these festivals where the local heroes within the community have been honoured is that the church has changed the community’s perception and acceptance of the Church – Honour brings Breakthrough.

If you are considering holding a Free Family Fun Day or a Local Heroes Award festival have a look at the stories mentioned above or feel free to send us an email if you have any questions.



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