Meet our Ambassadors

Meet our Ambassadors

Colin Buchannan
Children’s Entertainer, Song Writer, Musician

There’s something about being thankful.  It’s got the oxygen of goodness about it.  It crosses the barriers of age and race, gender and culture.  It has built-in humility, the taste of grace, at least a pinch – sometimes an avalanche – of celebration.  Thankfulness takes a refreshing eye off the self and commends the other.

Read what Colin has to sat about Australia’s National Day of Thanks Click Here


Michelle Mitchell
Author, Award-winning Speaker, Parenting Expert.

In 2000 Michelle left her teaching career and founded Youth Excel, a charity which has supported thousands of young people and their families with mentoring and psychological services.  Michelle’s hands-on experience and passion for ‘all things young people’ has made her a sought-after and entertaining speaker.  She has a unique ability to transfer years of knowledge to a wide range of audiences.

Read more about Michelle on our website Click Here

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