Colin Buchanan

There’s something about being thankful.  It’s got the oxygen of goodness about it.  It crosses the barriers of age and race, gender and culture.  It has built-in humility, the taste of grace, at least a pinch – sometimes an avalanche – of celebration.  Thankfulness takes a refreshing eye off the self and commends the other.  

Thanks can be a tiny, dripping spring that seeps and trickles its way to join streams, becoming cascades, feeding a deep, rich river of thankfulness.  Ultimately, it’s all flowing to the glorious, vast ocean of divine goodness.  Thankfulness is something we show not just to people, but to our God. 

That’s why I’m adding my voice – just another little splash – to the National Day Of Thanks.  Together, we can recognise and appreciate what we have, honour the contribution of those who give and serve and sacrifice, take a special opportunity as a nation to offer a simple and heartfelt “Thank You”.

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