Sir Peter Cosgrove

National Day of Thanks 2018

For all we have and share, for the lives we lead, and the prosperity, peace and harmony we enjoy, Australians have so much to be thankful for.

As individuals and as a nation, the National Day of Thanks is an opportunity to reflect on our good fortune, and to give thanks to others.  This ‘time out’ is so important because if we take what we have for granted, we cannot fully appreciate what we have.

One of the greatest things about Australia is our Indigenous culture and our cultural diversity.  This year we particularly think of those who work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, who help newcomers to our country and who assist people from different backgrounds to contribute to our nation.

Australia is enriched by cultures old and new, we are fortunate to have so many dedicated and compassionate people working with and helping our multicultural community – we are thankful.

We also extend our thanks to those who work in schools, pre-schools and day care centres across the nation nurturing our young ones.  They have such an important job, shaping the way our children see the world and guiding the next generation.

I congratulate the myriad of community organisations and volunteers who support the National Day of Thanks and make it such a valuable day for all Australians as we connect with each other through gratitude.

Sir Peter Cosgrove AK MC (Retd)
Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia

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