The Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP



It speaks volumes about the goodness and decency at the of our society that each year Australians from across our country gather to celebrate the National Day of Thanks.    

This year, I am delighted that people who contribute to the success of our multicultural nation will be honoured, together with those who work in schools.  

Australia is a diverse and changing country, but every person should enjoy being part of our community and a meaningful contributor to our nation.  

Those who work to improve opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, new migrants, and Australian youth are to be commended for their exceptional efforts to build a fairer, more inclusive society.   

This National Day of Thanks, I encourage all Australians to offer their respect and gratitude to those who make a positive difference, but who may not always receive the recognition they deserve.   

We are indeed fortunate to have such selfless individuals in our midst, and we should appreciate and thank them for the wonderful work they do for us and our nation every day.  

The Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP – Prime Minister of Australia

10 May 2018


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