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The National Day of Thanks is just around the corner.  Make sure you have your Thank You products in time to thank those special people in your life and community.

Our On-Line Store is open

Some product have already sold out.

Have a look our exciting new Mini Thank You cards ideal for carrying in your pocket or wallet to say Thank You to those who serve you in your day-to-day activities.  Show them they are appreciated.



School Gratitude Program

Our new School Gratitude Program Teacher’s Guide is a handy tool for the classroom with activities for all ages that teaches children how to look at their life, and those around them, differently.

We can complain about our kids having attitudes of entitlement, or having a problem with comparing themselves to others, or for having an attitude of – it’s not fair!  We tell our kids to change their attitude.  But do we teach them how to change their attitudes, how to appreciate others and be thankful for what they have?

This Teacher’s Guide is written for a school environment and approaches teaching an Attitude of Gratitude from both a Biblical stand point, and proven practises developed by Universities around the world.  Science can measure the positive changes in people who have a truly thankful heart.

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