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Thank God for Peanut Butter

God keeps coming up with surprises.  I was in a quandary never having had to remove tar from a pearl white car before. It must have splashed up when I drove over some fresh roadwork or newly filled potholes, however it happened, it was unsightly. When I touched the tar, it appeared fresh and soft, so I wiped it thinking that would get at least some of it off.  Big mistake!  Now there was an even more unsightly smear on the door of my car.

I asked friends “what do you do?” but I didn’t have the products they used, and didn’t have the time to get what they suggested. Then a prompting from God, “Look on the internet.” Amongst the multitude of hacks people used was smooth peanut butter.  I happened to have some in my kitchen, so I gave it a try – cautiously.  A tiny bit on the thickest part of the tar.  Amazing!  When I wiped, the tar started to come off, so I wiped a little bit more and more came off.  I kept wiping, and more came off until the entire ugly smudge was completely removed, and the car was restored to the way it was.  Who would have thought that applying a little bit of peanut butter could remove the smudge, bringing it back to its original pearly white!  Praise God!

Can you see an analogy here?  As God’s precious possessions, we (the pearls God has purchased) tend to get smeared with sin through ordinary daily activities.  As we humble ourselves and confess, He is faithful to forgive our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. (1 John 1:9). That’s huge!  So how could we not be grateful?

But don’t you love how God shows up in our ordinary everyday situations, telling us things we don’t know, making the ordinary extra-ordinary, and reminding us that He is in all things?  Thanks be to God, always and for everything, including peanut butter!

Martine Mahler

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