Thanks Living – I Only Have to Look at My Thumb

Thank God I Damaged My Finger

I had a little spare time recently, so I got out some wood and my tools and started to construct an edge around the garden.  I was enjoying the pleasant weather, being outdoors, and creating something that I anticipated would make the garden look nicer and neater.  Then, the screwdriver slipped and put a big hole in my finger – it wasn’t a pretty sight.

As I looked at my damaged finger, a scripture came to mind – “In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.”  (1 Thessalonians 5:18 – KJV)

OK!  So, I was grateful the disinfectant and a dressing were handy, grateful that the bleeding stopped quickly, grateful the injury wasn’t worse.  Those were the initial thoughts, which seemed like platitudes.  But there was something more, something deeper, something much more profound that I was being alerted to.

As I looked at my injured finger, I was reminded of a comment made by a great artist which went something like, I only have to look at my thumb to know there is a God.  My attention was drawn away from my damaged finger, to my thumb, to my whole hand, and as I gazed, I became overwhelmed with the awesomeness of God’s Creation.

Grateful for how He had created my hand, with all those bones fitting together, with four fingers and a thumb, with muscles, tendons, nerves, arteries, skin, finger nails – anatomy that is quite astounding!  How they work together so I can write, draw, type, paint, garden, cook, drive, wave, point, clap, cut, wash, play music, throw, catch, turn pages – and so much more!  Things that we often take for granted.

Then came the image of the hands of Jesus, which were also wounded, but in quite a different way and not by accident.  I was reminded of God’s hand, reaching out to mine, ever offering His help.  So, in this moment of many thoughts, the focus changed from the physical things to an appreciation for our amazing Creator God, who is always near, and a reminder that there is always Someone or something to be thankful for.

Make this Easter a time to seriously consider the tremendous gift we have been given through the life and death of Jesus our Saviour.  It is a time to express our Gratitude for what God has done for us, and also to show others that they are appreciated.


Martine Mahler


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